Taking the Plunge Bk. 01 Pt. 12

I woke up groggy and naked, except for my pink crop top which read 's l u t .' across my chest. Unsure of where I was for a few seconds, I heard the shower running in the master bath. Daddy had gotten up before me and I guess he was in the shower? Like a caring lover, he had taken off my heels and thong, and hadn't awakened me.

'Oh my god,' I thought, 'What the hell did I just do last night?'

Those terrible sissy questions of self-doubt popped into my head, but as I looked around the hotel suite - panties over there on the floor, a flogger over here, Daddy's belt over there - my doubts went away and I was filled with what felt like joy. I wanted to scream, 'yes yes yes!! I did it!! I finally let Trisha come out and be herself, and be me!'

And Daddy took me there. He gave me permission to be free, to be the obedient, eager, femme slut that I am inside. Oh wow...

As I lifted myself up from lying down, I saw the heels that Daddy had so nicely placed together beside the bed. Actually, they were there to remind me of one of the new rules that he gave me: I can never go anywhere unless I crawl or am in heels.

I really needed to use the bathroom and I wanted to look good for when he got out of the shower, so I swung my legs off the bed and quickly put the platform heels back on, tottering towards the guest bath. I must have been quite a sight, wearing nothing but my crop top, these heels, and my hair still in two high pigtails with the pink and lavender hair ties all askew on my head.

I made it to my bathroom and again marveled at the sight. Slutty clothes everywhere, makeup, pieces of my chastity cage, more heels...wow it was quite a night we had I did my business and quickly showered off not wanting to keep Daddy waiting. I brushed out the long wig and made sure it was ok, quickly brushed my teeth and applied a little blush and red lipstick. All I had left to wear, that wasn't stained with cum, sweat or massage oil, was a new bra and panty set in white lace. I tore open the package and put on the bra first, then the panties and heels, and stood back up to look at myself.

What I saw shook me. I wasn't the same person as I was when I walked into this room. I mean it was me, but it was her.

I had just spent hours worshipping a man,

his body,

his strength,

letting him use me willingly,

sucking him,

taking him inside me,

being filled with his essence,

being slapped across my face willingly,

having my body flogged mercilessly,

being loved,

...and I loved it all. It changed me.

I stared into my eyes in the mirror and said,

"I'm not going back. I'm not going back. I can't go back."

I took a deep breath and said the first line of my mantra to myself as I stared into Trisha's eyes:

"My name is trisha and Daddy owns my mouth and my pussy."

But to be honest, girls, I had doubts. I mean this was so much more intense than I had planned and it was really happening. I thought I should try and surprise him somehow and then I saw the pieces of my cage on the countertop. I know - I'll put my cage on and give Daddy the keys!

'Is that too much?' I thought. Well, let's see, I just had him cum inside me, and whip me until I almost passed out and on and on. Offering him my keys is not too much. So I pulled the bright white panties down to my knees and put the cage back on. There really is nothing like locking up your clit for the man you want to please.

Now I was ready. I put the keys into my bra and stepped out of the bathroom, hoping that Daddy was still in the master bath and I could present myself to him. Maybe he'll let me dry him off or...but as soon as I stepped out I heard him.

"Good morning, princess," came his deep voice from the master bath, the door now open. Daddy must have heard my door opening.

I cleared my throat and answered in my best femme, high, sweet squeak, "Morning, Daddy."

I strutted quickly to him, coming around the corner and standing at the entrance of the master bath. I wanted to show Daddy that I had tried to be presentable for him. But that thought turned to lust as my eyes took him in. He was naked except for a large white bath towel around his waist. He was taking out his shaving implements from his toiletry bag.

My eyes danced up and down his large, strong body, wide shoulders and hairy chest, masculine features. Daddy was all man, 100%, and I wanted him again so bad...so so bad...

"Get over here, bitch," he commanded with a little smile, and I realized that we were both pleased to see each other again. With quick little steps I came to him, just a few feet away. Daddy pulled out the little stool from under the counter and sat down on it. He pulled me closer to him and spun me around to take a look as his slut.

"Very pretty, Trisha. Excellent presentation for our first morning."

I felt something new and quite strange: pride. The pride in looking good for your man, your owner, and for him to acknowledge that. I mean, I would have been fine if he told me I looked terrible and spanked me of course, but that warm flood of emotions that swept over me just made me want to be his even more.

"Shave me," he said next.

Um..what? My mind froze for a second. I had never shaved someone else, I mean I've shaved myself a thousand times but...I nodded and quickly grabbed one of the small hand towels, running it under the hot water. As I was doing so, I felt Daddy's hands suddenly on my legs then ass, squeezing and caressing me, turning himself on with my body.

His shaving cream and expensive wooden handled razor were on the counter. I turned towards him and put the warm towel under his chin to cover the line of his well trimmed beard. He told me to just like, 'clean him up' where his beard ended. But how intimate, to be this close to Daddy's face and not be fucked, just serving him, learning all about him, falling for him deeper as he touched and groped my legs and ass, taking what he now owns...omg Daddy...

"I'm giving you permission to talk freely, Trisha," he said and paused, waiting for me.

"Th...thank you, Daddy," I responded hesitantly. One of Daddy's first rules was that I was never to speak unless asked a question, so I was scared but I guess this would be ok with his permission for now.

"Good girl," he continued as I prepared everything. "On Tuesday, I've got to go to Europe for a week. Before I leave, let me know if you want to meet again."

"I do Daddy, I do for sure!" I responded maybe too quickly.

He chuckled and said, "They always say that right away, but I want you go home and think about it. Really think about it because things'll change if we meet again."

"In..what way, Daddy?"

"Your clothes, your body, whatever I like." He paused to let it sink in.

"Yes, Daddy." Now I admit, I was getting a little scared, I mean I'm not ready to like start hormones or anything after one date...

"Don't worry, princess, nothing too radical, at least at first," he chuckled again, "but I want you wearing something pretty around the clock, and I'll make sure you never have to worry about shaving again."

"Oh really, Daddy?"

"We'll start with a full body wax, then if we continue, you'll be lasered from the neck down, among other things."

"I...I would like that a lot, Daddy."

"I bet you would, babygirl. I want to know by Monday afternoon, understand?"

"Yes, Daddy, I mean I can tell you right now..."

"No," he said firmly, "I want you to wait and think about it alone."

As I was finishing up his neck, just toweling off the last bits of cream, he grabbed my ass and legs and swung me astride him, sitting me down on his lap facing him...oh Daddy, take me now please please I thought...

But he took my chin into his hand; I was shyly looking away.

"Look at me, baby," he whispered tenderly. "If we meet again, it's the beginning of the end for [my male name, the only time Daddy has ever used it]. That's what I want you to think about."

I understood finally. This might have been part of the kinky games we were playing but it was also more. He was offering me a new life maybe, as his fully femmed, - maybe leaning toward transitioned - owned fucktoy girl.

Omg, Daddy is right - I need to think about this.

Daddy put both of his strong hands on my pantied ass and squeezed, caressing me as I stared into his eyes, slowly moving my hips on the towel, feeling his huge cock getting hard underneath me.

Then we kissed, as lovers kiss...deep and slow and warm...wet, caring, passionate...minutes passed as we made out like teenagers, my hips grinding on his hardened cock under the towel..my clitty was pulling so hard in the cage but nothing mattered, only Daddy only Daddy...I heard myself moaning in such a high femme voice just from the lust of our embrace, and his hands pulling and squeezing my ass harder and harder.

Then he pulled away and whispered, "Get the belt."

"Yes, Daddy," I said through my lust. I wanted to sprint out of the bathroom and back again with the belt, but I was in my platforms, so I pulled myself up off of him and stepped out as quickly as I could...where is it?!

Where is it where is it...oh there on the floor...I scooped it up and quickly teetered back to the bathroom. Daddy was standing now, the stool back under the counter.

"Turn around, slut," he ordered me, while grabbing the belt from my hands. I could hear the lust in his voice now.

I turned, and he tied my arms behind me, high up at my elbows, pulling them tight together. It was painful at first, but that only turned me on more, as it made my non-tits arch out far, and made me totally helpless to him...

'Yes yes Daddy I accept I accept everything', I thought though my lust which was suddenly making my chest heave with deep, needy breaths.

He forcefully turned me to face the counter and pushed my head down onto the cool surface, pulling my new white panties down and off. I felt a strange combination of lace and Daddy's meaty fingers when I realized he was pushing my panties into my mouth. I took them in fully, eagerly, hungrily.

I could barely look up but could see just enough in the mirror as Daddy dropped his towel and I saw it again - his beautiful giant cock, veiny and angry and ready from our kissing and my grinding on him. He picked up the lube bottle and started talking to me as he covered his enormous cock.

"Never forget what you are, Trisha."

With his other dry hand, he started spanking me hard.


over and over again as my eyes watered up wanting him so bad,


unable to beg or say anything with my mouth stuffed with my panties,


my arms so tight behind me, helpless to do anything but take the pain,


ohhhhhh!!...yes Daddy yes I accept it I want it, it hurts so bad Daddy but I need it, please please please Daddy!!

As my mind was becoming crystalline white blinding light from his aggressive spanks on top of last night's flogging, he did it.

Daddy pushed his cock into me and I screamed into the mouthful of panties.

His cock felt bigger than before, probably because I wasn't fully warmed up but I didn't care, I took him in, all of him in one long thrust into me. Daddy's impossibly thick, hard veiny cock, filling my pussy, making Trisha live, forcing her to accept him, to accept herself, myself...

He began pumping in and out of me, pulling my little pussy back and forth, taking his pleasure from his owned whore who needed this more than she knew.

And I needed it so bad. I could feel Daddy's cock head so, so deep inside me then away, then again he would bottom out against me pushing so far into me, inside my body and my mind.

And the stretch, always the incredible amazing stretch from his cock, radiating through me from my sissy pussy wrapped so tightly around him, holding on tightly, milking him with my obedient little hole...and accepting, accepting Daddy...

He lifted my belted arms for leverage, making me even more uncomfortable which turned him on even more, which then turned me on...oh yes Daddy use me use me hurt me, I love it I need it I want it Daddy please please...

Daddy slammed into me now as my pussy slowly began to open up for him, keeping most of his cock inside me, and just pounding me with the last few inches over and over hard and fast, pow pow pow against me so hard, so deep, one of those rough, quick, morning fucks...I knew he was close..,yes! yes! fill me Daddy! please!...

I heard him panting, starting to grunt, as he talked to me between every few deep, hard thrusts into my tight little sissy cunt:







"UGH UGH UGH UGH"!! I heard Daddy call, as he came hard inside me, bottoming out all the way, his heavy body pressed against my spanked ass as his cock filled me with the most precious gift again.

'Fill me Daddy yes yes fill your whore!! FUCK!!' I thought, screaming in my own mind, but all I could do was moan uncontrollably through the panties, from his power taking over me, owning me inside and out, and from the pleasure of his cock holding me open.

It took minutes to catch our breaths, when I felt him pulling so so slowly out of me, every veiny inch sliding out from a slut's used pussy that doesn't want to let go.

"Don't move," said Daddy between breaths.

I watched through my reddened eyes as he stepped into the shower to wash off his cock. I stayed face down on the counter, panties in my mouth, ass pushed up high from the platform heels, and dripping with lube and cum.

He dried off and stepped next to me, un-tieing the belt from my elbows, then he left the bathroom. I kept my face on the counter, my mind overwhelmed with passion for him, for Daddy. Minutes passed it seemed, when he finally came back in, fully dressed.

He leaned down and placed a soft, delicate kiss on my cheek.

"By Monday," he said softly right into my ear, and spanked me once, making me twitch from the unexpected pain.

He left the bathroom and I heard the front door open and shut in that heavy expensive hotel thud.

He was gone.

I leaned up and looked at myself in the mirror.

Smeared lipstick, wig askew, bra still on, tears on my cheeks, caged clit, a little lube and cum dripping down my inner thigh, and omg the panties still in my mouth...

I spat them out into the sink and stared at myself.

I have a lot of thinking to do...

End of Book 1












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