House Party Punishment Pt. 04

It had been three months since renovations had begun on my house. And while initially it was supposed to be only a small remodel to fix the damage caused by Daphne and her friends, the contractors had discovered some faults in the foundation, and it had extended the renovations. This meant my stay in my brother and his wife's house had been extended as well. I couldn't say I really minded the excuse to prolong my time in the house, and it was of course much more convenient to be living down the hall from Daphne than over an hour away. And I had made damn good use of that opportunity.

I had fucked my niece in every way imaginable in every room of my brother's house. To say I was making the most out of having my own private sex slave, would be an understatement. If my brother and sister-in-law knew the depraved acts I had committed with their daughter, often in their own bed, it would shock them to no end. But then, maybe they would just be glad that at least someone was getting some use of their connubial bed. It had only taken two weeks to ascertain that Cathy and Rob weren't fucking each other, in fact I'd be very surprised to find if they were fucking anyone at all.

My sister-in-law was prim and proper and only seemed to care about the family's reputation and good standing in their community. She put on a good show of being a wife and mother in company, but otherwise it was obvious she could care less about her husband and daughter. She barely spoke to them unless it was in relation to something she had bought them or some social engagement she had committed them to attend. And the only thing my brother paid attention to was his work or his cars. When he wasn't in his office at work or in his study at home, he was in his garage. With absentee parents like hers who only gave her things and not attention, love, discipline or structure, it was no wonder that Daphne had become such a brat and cunt.

Not that any of that bothered me. Their inattention and self-involved behavior made Daphne my perfect victim. And given Cathy's obsession with her social standing and portraying the right image as a good, scandal free, well-to-do family, even if I got caught, they would not turn me in to the police. Cathy would most likely want to sweep it all under the rug and never speak of it again. Especially once she knew about video I had of Daphne with her boyfriend and his friend, or any of the many I had filmed of her being fucked by me or the gang bangs I'd had with her and any number of my acquaintances since that first night. She would die of shame to hear her daughter moaning and screaming like a whore while multiple men had their way with her. No matter how much Daphne begged and pleaded in the beginning of any of these "forced" encounters, she always ended up begging for more cock at the end of them. Cathy would rather force Daphne to stay quiet about the whole affair than admit to the world her daughter was a two bit slut who got off on being raped by her uncle and strangers. And Rob was so henpecked and beat down that he would go along with it.

Once I realized that, I stopped putting sleeping pills in their wine. And I pushed every boundary with Daphne possible. I made it a point to fondle her ass or tweak her nipples every time her parent's backs were turned. I would frequently trap her against objects like the back of the couch, washing machine or any wall while I ground my cock against her ass or cunt. On the rare occasions when we would all sit down to eat as a family, I would sit right beside her at the table, my hand roaming up and down her thigh, cupping her vagina frigging her off while she squirmed and tried to keep quiet. Making sure to apply just the right pressure so that the act was equal parts pain and pleasure.

Her eyes had become haunted and she had become increasingly nervous and jumpy in my presence once she understood that I would no longer wait for the cover of night or when we were alone to sexually harass or molest her. I enjoyed watching her guarded and wary expressions whenever I would come into a room. I controlled what she wore, when she was allowed to go out with her friends, what time she came home, and who she was able to fuck, which was only me, or any of my "friends". Though I had not broken her completely. After that first night when she had just taken what I had done, she would frequently work up the nerve to refuse me, or backtalk me, or disobey my rules.

I was actually glad she still tried to push against the limitations I had set for her though, it would have been too boring if she had just given in. Every time she pushed back or fought against me, I got to live out all my worst fantasies thru her "punishments." However the high I'd been receiving each time I degraded and abused Daphne and bent her to my will wasn't as long lasting as it used to be. I needed more stimulus each time. My lusts were making me brazen and cruel, bringing to the forefront all of my sadistic tendencies. I was giving in to all the darkness and depravity that I had kept locked deep within the recesses of my heart and mind. Now that the monster was out there was no returning to who I was before, I could only accept the change and make the most of it.

Taming and having Daphne wasn't enough anymore. I'd now set my sights on my brother's whole family. The disgust and disdain I felt for Rob and Cathy was even more than the contempt I felt for their daughter. What would it take to break Cathy? How could I wrest the power she had over my brother away from her and to me? What would it feel like to have Rob and his wife under my thumb at my beck and call. I would be the master and they would be my slaves.

I figured that Rob would actually be the easiest to to make fall into my grasp. He was extremely repressed and honestly a complete simpleton. So I set my sights on him first.

It started simply. The day after I made my decision, after Cathy left for her daily trip to their country club, and Rob went to work, I took Daphne lingerie and clothing shopping. I made her model dozens of pairs of crotchless panties and barely there nighties. I bought her a variety of mini skirts and crop tops that accentuated her ample breasts. And I told her she could only wear the things I had bought her from now on. I trashed the clothes she had worn to the shop and made her leave the store wearing a lace bralet, booty shorts and a pair of heels.

The look on her face when we walked out of the store, the shame and embarrassment that were reflected in her eyes as men ogled her on the sidewalk and women looked at her like she was trash, made my cock begin to leak.

I took her to two more store while she was dressed like that, buying things for her and her parents that I would be using on them in the future. She clung to the back of my shirt the whole time, afraid to step to far away given that we were in one of the more seedy part of town. We had passed two fights and a mugging on the way to the last store. The people of the neighborhood were used to seeing me though, I was a frequent customer, and people knew not to mess with me. Once inside I browsed the selection of cameras I would be buying. At one point I actually stepped away, pushing her back so that she bumped into two guys who had been eyeing her..

She quickly tried to get away, but they crowded her. She whimpered when one actually grabbed at her ass. "Uncle Al!" She said her voice pitched high.

The other guy blocked her path, pushing her up against his partner as they sandwiched her.

"Get away. Stop touching me! " she begged.

"What's the matter, baby?" The one behind her said as he snaked his hand up to her chest and grabbed at her breasts.

"Uncle Al, please!" She pleaded, near tears, as she struggled against them, while the guy in front of her trailed his hand up her thigh and caressed the front of her shorts.

"Don't be like that, honey. We're just trying to be friendly. You want to be friends with us, right? Your man there doesn't mind."

She looked at me again, and then tried to ask for help from the guy behind the counter, but Jerry was too used to people like Daphne being in the store, probably assuming she was a hooker I had picked up along the way. His eyes surveyed the scene in front of us with seedy interest.

I watched for a bit longer, leaning against the counter while they got more cocky and shameless with their touching. This never got old. I loved seeing her like this, at the mercy of others, being manhandled like some common streetwalker, looking to me, willing to do anything as long as I saved her.I rubbed myself through my pants. The guys were really pawing at her now, her skin was tinted red from fright and humiliation, and some arousal.

When it looked like they were going to take off her top, I stepped in and pulled her away from them.

She looked relieved until I spoke next.

"Hey Jerry," I said looking at the him, "you still have that bed in the backroom?"

"Yeah, Al. But you know the rules. I get a copy of the video and I get a taste of the goods." He said with a licentious smirk.

I grinned as I looked at Daphne's crestfallen, stricken face. "That won't be an issue. The more the merrier."

Jerry went to lock up the store while I gestured for the two guys to follow me, while I walked towards the back of the store where Jerry kept a room he used to create back alley porn. There was camera equipment set up, and an unmade bed that had been used for countless acts of debauchery.

I pushed her towards the bed and looked at the two guys. They are actually pretty decent looking for the neighborhood and the clientele that Jerry served. I was a bit disappointed. I actually enjoyed watching her get fucked by the dirty unwholesome types. It added to her degradation. But just because they weren't the type of guys I usually chose to share her with it didn't mean that I couldn't make her feel as cheap and low as I thought she was.

I turned to the men. "It's a hundred bucks each for an hour. You can do whatever you want to her except leave visible damage or tear her clothes. She's on the pill so you can fill her up with as much cum as you want."

The two guys looked at each other, nodded then advanced to the bed.

Daphne had tears streaming down her face as she cried silently. I had passed her around before between my friends and their acquaintances, but never to complete strangers off the street and never for money. It looked like I had finally broken her will. She just laid back and cried as they began undressing her. She looked gorgeous with tears streaming down her face as she held back her sobs while one of the guys climbed between her legs and the other straddled her face.

They didn't seem to mind her tears, in fact they seemed just as excited as I was at her vulnerable and desolate expression.

"Open your mouth, baby. I got something for you," the guy straddling her face said as he pulled out his thick monster cock. She looked at it in despair and then at me, as I stood behind the camera zooming in on her face. She opened her mouth resignedly and he plunged his organ inside, bottoming out in seconds as she pushed against his hips struggling to breathe. He held himself inside her mouth savoring the warmth and her trying to break free, before he pulled out. She was able to take a breath before he plunged back in, mercilessly plowing in out at a brutal pace. I could hear her gurgling in her throat as she tried to inhale between his thrusts.

The guy between her legs was just as big. He had positioned a pillow in the small of her back, before he to sunk his 12 inch meat inside Daphne's vagina. She wasn't wet enough and she gave a muffled scream around the cock in her mouth. But I had given the men fucking her permission to do as they wanted and they had no plans on stopping. They punished that filthy mouth and well used cunt and I captured every moment of it on film. And true to what I allowed, they filled her openings and covered her body with as much cum as they could. It was running down her face into her hair, and copious amounts were pooled around her cunt and sliding down her legs.

At the end of the agreed upon hour they pulled up their pants, paid me and left. I heard Jerry open the front door for them and then lock it down again, before he came back to get his cut.

Jerry looked at the ravished Daphne like she was a meal. But Jerry's kink didn't lie in fucking the women he filmed. He leaned over her and opened her legs. He stared at the fresh spunk for a few minutes before his tongue started licking what those men left behind. I could hear his moaning as he lapped at her nether lips snaking his tongue into her vaginal canal pulling globs of spunk from her. He was skillful and pretty soon Daphne was squirming under his ministrations begging him to soothe her raw pussy. He gave her what she wanted, suckling on her clit while she writhed and screamed and gasped in pleasure. Her legs closed around his head, as her hips rose. Her head was thrashing back as she yelled out her orgasm. But Jerry wasn't through with her. He kept going and soon she was coming again, harder than before.

When he was done he moved up to her breasts and spent just as much time on each one of them as he had on her vagina. Daphne had cum twice and was moaning under him, her body one huge nerve after the last hour and a half, she was barely conscious by this time. Jerry didn't care, he licked at all the remnants the other two had left behind before I could tell the stimulation was too much for him. Then he got up, pulled down his shorts and jerked off over her, before he let out one big groan, covering the body he had just cleaned of cum with his tongue with his own cum. Daphne seemed to come back to her senses and shame was apparent on her face.

Jerry stood over her gasping for air, but I knew he wasn't finished. Now that he had satisfied one urge there was one more bodily need he needed to relieve. He held on to his prick and then pointed it as Daphne's face. She seemed to know what was coming and tried to move out of the way, but it was too late. Jerry started to urinate on her face as she started to scream, before rightly realizing she needed to close her mouth unless she wanted pee in her mouth. Jerry kept going for a a minute or so before his penis finally seemed drained. And then he pulled back up his shorts and walked off.

Daphne lay on the bed and looked at her cum and urine soaked body. While her shoulders slumped. I focused the lens on that defeated hunched over look. Before I cut the video and went to the computer to put everything together. I could hear her sniffling and hiccuping as she tried her best to wipe the pee and cum off her body using the soiled bed sheets. I could hear her rummage if for the skimpy clothes I bought her and I felt immensely fulfilled about how the afternoon had gone even if I hadn't fucked her myself. She was used goods to me now that I had my plot for her parents in mind. It wasn't that I would never touch her again, but she was more useful to me now to pimp out and to use as bait to ensnare her parents and I couldn't wait for that plan to start to take fruition.


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